RECALL Questions = Freebies


Helpful study strategies #1:

Tackle the RECALL questions! I think recall questions are like freebies, if you know your materials, you can’t possibly be tricked and will get it right. So, get as many correct as possible!

  • Defense mechanisms
  • Psychotropic medications (antidepressant, mood stablizer, antipsychotic, ADHD, anti-anxiety)
  • DSM diagnoses ( mood disorders, personality disorders and conduct disorders),
  •  Attachment styles & parenting styles
  • Types of therapies (CBT, DBT, gestalt, psychodynamic, behavioral classical/operant).
  • Family system/family therapy
  •  Developmental stages: Piaget, Erickson, Freud (what’s considered normal developmental crisis/behavior that seem frustrated the caregivers/parents)
  • Group therapy stages and terms
  • Signs of abuse (when to clarify, when to notify, when to report)
  • Symptoms of substance intoxication and withdrawals.

I will update some review materials for each topics in the future on another post.

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  1. Thank you so much for all your feedback. I was wondering how would I approach the questions “the best response” and the “least”. I’ve taken the exam and these are the questions I had problems with.

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