Research and Community


I am aware that not many test preparation materials and programs cover the topics of Research and Community in-depth, so I hope to be able to fill in the gap for you. Even though these two topics are not tested heavily in the LCSW and LMSW exams, it is still important for social workers to grasp the essential knowledge about these two particular subjects.

I am aware that Research is a rather “dry” subject, so I tried to make my examples as fun as possible. Please view the slideshow below:

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Thank you. Please leave me a comment for any questions or feedback. I hope you find it helpful.



  1. Hi Chinh, I usually have a lot of C.O questions on my exams in the past. C.O is one of my weak areas. However, I see in your study guide that you didn’t mention the locality developmnt/ stakeholder and other key terms that I have seen on the exam in the past.

    • Hi Kitty, in the study guide, locality development is similar to community development. Will you consider sending me some specific questions about those topics? I can cover it in groups.

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