Weekly Online Study Groups


Hello, I would like to let you know that weekly study groups are available. I apologize for not posting about this option on my blog sooner.

For more information about study group registration and payment ($5/group), please visit this link: https://swtosw.com/study-sessions/

Once you register, please allow 24 hours to receive confirmation email, with a link to attend the online group.

Each study group is 60-minute long. In the first 15 minutes, I usually cover essential social work concepts. The rest of the time is dedicated to learning test-taking strategies by breaking down practice questions and going over rationales. I usually will stick around for another 10 minutes to answer questions after the group ends.

The platform I use to host the online study group is Webex.  If you join using a smart phone or tablet, you can download the Webex app to your device.

If you join using a laptop or desktop computer, which I highly recommended, please use Google Chrome! You will need to install a Webex Plug-in when you first use the program. After the installation, it will take you to the online meeting. Don’t forget to enable Audio so you can hear the group.

Hope to see you there! Thank you!








  1. Let me become the first to say, Thank-You!!! Your sacrifices in developing this site are far reaching!!! I hope to benefit from everything you’ve provided within these
    Again, thanks!!! 😊

  2. Hello Chihn I just downloaded the Cisco webex meeting app. Is this the app I need for the study group. I was also wondering if you know how much the app itself cost. It didn’t give a price for the app when I downloaded it from Apple but got my financial information. It appeared that they charge for time used or something. Or if someone else providing a service they pay for the time. Is that what you are doing? I would appreciate any answers. Finally hoping I have something I can use to participate.

    • Hi Trish, the App should be free. The service is free of charge if you are connected via internet. I think what you referred to is the “call-in” option, which will charge the host for toll per minute. I don’t use the “called in” service, so we should be fine. As you as you have internet connected, you are good to go.

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