How to Review a Mock Exam?


Study Tips:

If you have taken a mock exam and are in the process of reviewing the questions, I have some suggestions for you.

When reviewing the questions you missed, Sort them into 3 categories:

  1. My reasoning skills need rework (thought process)
  2. I know this stuff, but I need to read more carefully
  3. Concepts I need to study or brush up on

What to do in each category?

  • If you missed more on Category (1),
    • Read the rationales and learn what the Board wants you to think.
    • Reprocess your rationales until they click.
    • I found it helpful to write down some “self-reminders”.
    • For example, I used to write “When working with family, if substance is present, address substance first”.
  • If you missed more on Category (2)
    • Slow down and read carefully
    • Break down the questions if needed.
  • If you missed more on category (3),
    • Study the concepts.
    • Memorize them if needed.

When Reviewing the questions you answered correctly (yes, it helps to review them too!), do the following:

  • If you see certain “key words”, you do/think this_______.
  • For the questions you made a wild guess on and got it right, reflect on:
    • I did not choose the other answers BECAUSE____?
    • Did I trust my gut? In which situation should I trust my gut?
  • I know this concept well, great!
  • What helped me the most?
  • What should I stick with?

I highly recommend purchasing a practice exam from the ASWB website. You will need to first register for the actual exam and have the authorization number. At this time, the practice exam costs $85.

I hope it helps! If you still have some time to prepare for the exam, I have started an 8-week Prep course for the LMSW & LCSW exams. Feel free to check it out at Free Trial Version is available as well.



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